2016-17 Officers:

Nola Katinsky and Stacey Kuster, Co-Presidents

Jordan Stroup, Treasurer

Barry Dupen, Secretary

Old-Time Music Jams

Music jam sessions are held on two Tuesdays each month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the 3 Rivers Co-op Natural Grocery. The public is invited to attend and participate. You do not need to be a FWTMDS member to bring an instrument and play along. These are ensemble jams, meaning we all play together without solos or improv. breaks.

Note for beginners: You are welcome to attend! While we don't give lessons, we do encourage new and budding musicians to join us. No one will mind if you sit in the back and squeak along. We ask only that you make an effort to learn the genre. Contact Matthew Katinsky for more information.

South Appalachian Old Time Jams First Tuesday of every month, led by Matthew Katinsky. Front porch fiddle tunes in the style of Tommy Jarrell, William Stepp, Bruce Greene, Bruce Mulsky, Clyde Davenport, and others. This is neither bluegrass, country, nor gospel, but the traditional mountain music that predated them all. Bring your fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, or harmonica and play along. In this tradition, we play and learn tunes by ear, but you are welcome to bring along sheet music. Click here for fiddle tunes.

Traditional Celtic Sessions Third Tuesday of every month, led by Bill Reeder. Irish music from "across the pond," mostly instrumental. Bring your fiddle, pipe, whistle, bodhran, banjo, harp, squeezebox, guitar, or bouzouki. Sheet music for this session is available in PDF format at the links below:

Jigs: graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionjigs.pdf

Slip Jigs: graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionslipjigs.pdf

Hornpipes: ‎graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionhornpipes.pdf

Reels: ‎graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionreels.pdf

Irish Polkas: ‎graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionpolkas.pdf

For more information about any of our jam sessions, contact Matthew Katinsky at mkatinsky@gmail.com.

Thanks to Phil Hudson for putting our sheet music and links online.


Fiddle sound holes