2016-17 Officers:

Nola Katinsky and Stacey Kuster, Co-Presidents

Jordan Stroup, Treasurer

Barry Dupen, Secretary

Welcome to the Dance!

The Fort Wayne Traditional Music and Dance Society sponsors Contra Dances and Old-Time music jams in Fort Wayne, Indiana. FWTMDS is a registered nonprofit organization, and is a Group Member of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS).

Monthly Dances

Dances are on third Saturdays, September through June. In the event of BAD WEATHER CANCELLATION you will be notified by e-mail, if you are on the e-mail list. (Send a note to Barry Dupen to get on this list.)

Code of Conduct

The Fort Wayne Traditional Music and Dance Society has adopted a Code of Conduct in order to make our music and dance events safe, fun, and comfortable for all participants.

Contra Dancing has a longstanding culture of welcoming dancers of all ages and abilities. This culture draws on a tradition of live music; clear and concise teaching; and friendliness towards new dancers. Please help maintain an environment of safety, respect, and consent by following these guidelines:

If you have any concerns that you are not comfortable addressing yourself, please speak to one of the dance organizers. We reserve the right to refuse admittance, or ask an individual to leave, if we feel that there is a need to do so. Thank you for respecting this Code of Conduct and doing your part to maintain our joyful, safe, and respectful community.

Musicians and Callers

If you are interested in dancing, playing, or calling for a dance, please e-mail Barry Dupen or call (260) 244-1905.