2018-19 Officers:

Nola Katinsky and Stacey Kuster, Co-Presidents

Jordan Stroup, Treasurer

Barry Dupen, Secretary

Contra Dances in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Contra Dances are on third Saturdays, September through June. Dances run from 8 to 11 pm, with a Beginner's Workshop at 7:30 pm.

Admission is $9 adults; $6 students; free for children under 12; family maximum $20. Bring a friend to the dance for their first time, and you receive $4 off admission.

Member rates: $7 adults; $4 students.


  1. The dance floor is not sealed, and is very sensitive to grit and debris...be sure to carry in soft-soled dance shoes, or wear socks. Street shoes are NOT ALLOWED on the dance floor.
  2. You don't need to bring a partner.
  3. Our liability insurance policy does not allow alcohol at the dance.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing for active movement.

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2018-2019 Dance Schedule

September 15, 2018 Barry Dupen (Columbia City) with Spy Run String Band (Fort Wayne)
October 20, 2018 Barry Dupen with Spy Run String Band
November 17, 2018 Barry Dupen with Spy Run String Band
December 15, 2018 Barry Dupen with Spy Run String Band
January 19, 2019 Barry Dupen with Spy Run String Band
February 16, 2019 Barry Dupen with Spy Run String Band
March 23, 2019 7th Annual Appleseed Allemande all-day dance event - details TBD
April 20, 2019 Dwayne Johnson with Spy Run String Band
May 18, 2019 Barry Dupen with the Stouthearted String Band (Ann Arbor)
June 15, 2019 Barry Dupen with Spy Run String Band


Dance Location

The dance is at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective, 437 East Berry St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802. It's in the same building as Cinema Center, on the second floor. Park in the gravel lot to the east, across Clay St. Enter on the south side of the building along Berry St. and proceed up the stairs to the second floor.

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Bad Weather

In the event of BAD WEATHER CANCELLATION you will be notified by e-mail, if you are on the e-mail list. (Send a note to barry.dupen@gmail.com to get on this list.) Otherwise, please call (260) 244-1905.

Music Jams

Music jam sessions are held on every month. The public is invited to attend and participate. You do not need to be a FWTMDS member to bring an instrument and play along. These are ensemble jams, meaning we all play together without solos or improv. breaks. Beginners are welcome to attend! While we don't give lessons, we do encourage new and budding musicians to join us. No one will mind if you sit in the back and squeak along. We ask only that you make an effort to learn the genre. Contact Matthew Katinsky for more information. Sheet music for this session is available in PDF format at the links below:

Jigs: graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionjigs.pdf

Slip Jigs: graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionslipjigs.pdf

Hornpipes: ‎graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionhornpipes.pdf

Reels: ‎graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionreels.pdf

Irish Polkas: ‎graphicad1.com/OldTimeMusic/documents/sessionpolkas.pdf

Old-Time Music jam sessions are held on first Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm, at the 3 Rivers Co-op Natural Grocery.

Irish Music jam sessions are held on second Mondays, 7-10 pm, at J.K. O'Donnell's; and on third Mondays, 6:30-8:30 pm, at the 3 Rivers Co-op Natural Grocery.


The Fort Wayne Traditional Music and Dance Society sponsors Contra Dances and Old-Time music jams in Fort Wayne, Indiana. FWTMDS is a registered nonprofit organization, and is a Group Member of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS).


Admission fees are not enough to cover the costs of the dance series. Please consider joining FWTMDS as a paid member by downloading this file: 2018-19 Membership.pdf. Please print the document, fill it out, and return it with your check to the address at the bottom of the form.

FWTMDS is a registered non-profit organization, and memberships are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Code of Conduct

The Fort Wayne Traditional Music and Dance Society has adopted a Code of Conduct in order to make our music and dance events safe, fun, and comfortable for all participants.

Contra Dancing has a longstanding culture of welcoming dancers of all ages and abilities. This culture draws on a tradition of live music; clear and concise teaching; and friendliness towards new dancers. Please help maintain an environment of safety, respect, and consent by following these guidelines:

If you have any concerns that you are not comfortable addressing yourself, please speak to one of the dance organizers. We reserve the right to refuse admittance, or ask an individual to leave, if we feel that there is a need to do so. Thank you for respecting this Code of Conduct and doing your part to maintain our joyful, safe, and respectful community.


Nearby Contra Dance Groups

Goshen Community Contra Dancing, Goshen, Indiana (65 miles from Fort Wayne)

South Bend Contra Dancers, South Bend, Indiana (90 miles)

Valparaiso Oldtime Dance Society, Valparaiso, Indiana (110 miles)

Indianapolis Traditional Music and Dance Group, Indianapolis, Indiana (125 miles)

Country Dancing in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan (125 miles)

Dance Link Websites

Where's The Dance lists square dances and some contra dances, throughout the nation...see this flyer for more information.

Ted Crane's Dance Database lists contra dances, plus some swing and English country dances, throughout North America.

Local Arts Groups

all for One productions, family-friendly theatre in Fort Wayne

Contra Dance Bands

The Spy Run String Band (Fort Wayne, IN) plays the driving rhythms of Southern Appalachian as well as the charming melodies of New England, with occasional waltzes and Scandinavian couple dances thrown in. Matthew Katinsky on fiddle and Jan Long on hammered dulcimer weave melody over the John Long's rock solid guitar and banjo. Nola Katinsky grounds their Southern sound with upright bass and sends their Northern music soaring on flute. Together they produce a full, rich, and varied tapestry of music that will get your community off their chairs and dancing.

Band o'Goshen (Goshen, IN) is rooted in the old-time tradition of reels, marches and jigs, bringing energy and creativity to the dance music floor. Contact Les Gustafson-Zook for bookings.

Local Contra Dance Callers

Barry Dupen, Columbia City, Indiana